Wedding Pictures We Love - Laughing Ladies


We see a lot of wedding pictures.

We really love this one from AJ Dunlap. We can’t help it. Those women are having a great time, with smiles that seem to tell you that some really intense, very funny, things happened. Friendship is a tricky thing, and hard to capture in a picture, but somehow, it comes out in this one.

Other, less emotional reasons to love this image are just the gorgeous interplay between the shades of pinks and reds in those bouquets and the dresses. Even the ‘greenery’ gets in on the game. Oh. My. Gosh. We can’t say enough about that.

Here are the credits, these folks are all pros:

photography by @ajdunlap

florals by @specialtiesevents

venue @sutherlandevents,

event planning @keylifeevents

hair by: r.a.e.makeupartistry

Cynthia Deis