Favor Bag Sponsorship

Favor Bag Sponsorship


Put your name and message on our Favor Bags and make a big impact on all market visitors. 200 bags will be distributed to the first attendees and given to influencers as gifts. Your sponsorship of the bag will include the opportunity to add a product sample, gift or your literature to the inside of the bag as well.

Favor Bag sponsors will receive lots of love on social media and in our messaging.

Chose 1 to sponsor one side of 200 bags, choose 2 sponsorships to secure both sides of the bag.

If you attempt to pay your deposit and it does not go through, please try these tips (from Squarespace and Paypal)

  1. make your payment on a computer or laptop, not a mobile device

  2. make your payment on good wifi

  3. close extra browser tabs and refresh your window before attempting your payment

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