Bigger Vendor Display Package

Bigger Vendor Display Package


Save time and energy at set-up with this larger display package. Available to big tent vendors, these packages provide you with the 'big' furniture you need to do business in your space. We'll have it set up for you on the day of the show.

The Bigger package includes one of our beautiful tables, two vendor chairs, two chairs for guests, three interesting props and one of our backdrops to make your booth stand out. We’ll select items for your from our inventory and they’ll be waiting when you arrive at the event.

Limited availability. We will choose your exact items for you, but visit to see the types of items you'll receive. Sorry, we cannot promise specific items with these special deals. You are welcome to contact the Picker Sisters and order specific items individually.

If you attempt to pay your deposit and it does not go through, please try these tips (from Squarespace and Paypal)

  1. make your payment on a computer or laptop, not a mobile device

  2. make your payment on good wifi

  3. close extra browser tabs before attempting your payment

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